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Give your Home Perfect Lighting with Wooden Pendant Lights!

By :Akshay Aggarwal 0 comments
Give your Home Perfect Lighting with Wooden Pendant Lights!

Apart from lighting, there is nothing that can make or break a room. The right lighting not only completes the look of your home but it changes the mood, set the ambience, and can help define spaces like the living and dining room, nooks and corners of the kitchen etc. And whether your home is cosy or spacious, the right ceiling lights can help illuminate your spaces without compromising on floor space.

Ceiling lights are no longer in the business for just the basics. We know that white tube lights and utility lighting would bathe your house in light, but who uses them in today’s modern time? Plus, your home deserves a unique touch that is part of your personality. For example, you can use linear pendant lighting to set the mood for intimate conversations and a dainty pair of modern wooden lights could do wonders! With so many options available in the market, you ought to get confused. Do not worry, we have collated the perfect home wooden linear lighting for home decoration that will urge you to buy more and more...

Wooden linear lights give a new light to your spaces!! They can be placed in the living room, bedroom or in your kitchen, at a large or a small place, used as a single unit or in series, the hanging lamps combine lightness and simplicity.

This segment of linear pendant lighting is made up of a renewable material, ‘wood’ certified according to industry and government experts. Sustainability for the planet plus the energy efficiency in the amalgamation of LED technology makes our modern wooden linear lights functional and environment friendly. The style is customizable through 4 different finishes or woods and is available in 7 different shapes. It is ideal to give a touch of your personality to a home, work, and beyond. Let’s have a look at beautiful wooden linear pendant lights exclusively crafted by Hublit:

  1. Wouton LED Wooden Linear Lights

Wouton LED wooden linear lights are of hexagonal frame and are perfect for spaces that call for a practical and elegant luminaire. This design can be made in different types of woods according to your preferences like Mahogany, Ash, Acacia, and Olive. You can hang Wouton hexagonal shape LED wooden linear lights as a countertop in the kitchen or work table in your living room or bedroom.

  1. Worthis LED Wooden Linear Lights

The rectangle-shaped Worthis LED wooden linear lights is huge in demand due to their excellent performance, flexibility and aesthetical appeal. These kinds of wooden linear lights are widely used in the kitchen tops, living room and work station to illuminate the particular section of the space.

  1. Woral LED Wooden Linear Lights

Woral LED wooden linear light is square-shaped and is smooth, sleek with a clean, architectural design. It is perfect for a contemporary or modern setting. They are made up of the finest quality of wood and looks ultra-stylish. These kinds of LED lights are best suited for home and office décor.

  1. Trangor LED Wooden Linear Lights

Trangor LED wooden linear light is circular shaped and is an unobtrusive and minimal elegant luminaire. These lights are aesthetically handcrafted for providing a modern touch blended with a natural finish.

  1. Otium LED Wooden Linear Lights

The rectangular-shaped Otium LED wooden linear lights is best suited for a modern interior. Make your home attractive with these pendant lights. Not only it throws a brilliant light on your work desk, kitchenette, or dining area but are effortlessly charming as well.

  1. Nanced LED Wooden Linear Light

Nanced LED wooden linear light is in a shape of an inverted trapezium. This fixture gives brilliant illumination to the living area, work station, kitchen space and dining area. It is made up of fine quality wood with a natural finish to give it a modern and classic look.

  1. Alson LED Wooden Linear Light

Alson LED wooden linear light is an unfussy, lustrous, and classy trapezium-shaped design that is perfect for workspace, home, and even hotels. The linear light brightly illuminates the place without highlighting any dark spots.

Well, all the HUBLIT wooden linear pendant lights have three things in common and that are:

  • They are customisable and can be made in any of the four fine wood categories namely Mahogany, Ash, Acacia, and Olive;
  • They are energy-efficient LED technology lights that consume up to 90% less power than incandescent bulbs
  • They are SELV complaint and thus, are shock-free

Irrespective of any wooden shaped pendant lighting you choose out of these seven, these characteristics will remain unchanged. HUBLIT is a brand known for its quality and best lighting system around the world. Our home decoration lights are best in class and full of varieties. So, what are you waiting for? Start your shopping with HUBLIT linear pendant lighting!

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