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Best Home Decor Lighting Trends That You Must Try!

By :Akshay Aggarwal 0 comments
Best Home Decor Lighting Trends That You Must Try!

How often do you hear the word ‘light’ in your day to day activities? Isn’t this single term has bonded so anonymously with our everyday life? From depending upon natural light to dictate our sleep and work schedules, to incorporating advanced forms of lighting to minute details in each room, we have crossed a milestone. It is no doubt that lights have become one of the most essential aspects of our lives. As we continue to spend more time at our homes (thanks to the pandemic!) it is even more important than ever. 

Lighting is the key component in any room’s design, influencing your home environment greatly! Good lighting can make the space alluring while bad lighting can dampen the space. So, just like you give importance to the colours, interior designing, in a similar way it is important to focus on home décor lighting

Well, being in the quarantine mode for quite some time now has drawn our focus into our homes and how important it is for our homes to be both comfortable and beautiful. Thoughtful home lighting ideas can work wonders in a dim space, enhance interiors, highlighting corners and conjure up a warm atmosphere. So, while everything-including lighting needs to have a purpose but it also needs to look good. Read on to discover what are the biggest lighting trends that will brighten homes in the coming years and beyond: 

  1. Light Fixtures 

In the upcoming days and years, you will see ceiling lighting as a design focal point rather than just a showpiece. There will be elegant and oversized light fittings coming through for every style, from modern to traditional.  Well, these are already seen in the lighting market where people are asking for oversized and bold ceiling lighting. Decorative wooden lights for home like linear pendant lights have become insanely popular with the masses. If the light fixture is thoughtfully placed, cleverly designed and carefully crafted, it will transform rooms for good. 

  1. Bold statement pieces 

Go for bold designs featuring sculptural shapes, interesting textures or colored glass to make a style statement. In this category, you may find table and floor lamps.  Table lamps with sculptural shapes and bold designs can turn your lamps into a piece of art, providing a mysterious interest even when the lamp is turned off. 

  1. Brass finish 

You will see a lot of modern brass tones in the lighting finishes more regularly. Elegant yet subtle, the glossy or matt finishes pair perfectly with natural materials including marble and wood for a refined feel. The products with brass finish create sophisticated and show-stopper fixtures. This style has been popular for the farmhouse and industrial style lighting. 

  1. Bedroom lighting mood

With the amount of stress and anxiety these days, your bedroom can be a perfect space to relax and unwind. The ambience is key with lighting playing a crucial role in helping to set the mood and surrounding atmosphere. Bedside lamps, sconces with dimmers and a pendant or chandelier channel a quiet glam into your bedroom. Your room will be a different place while still channelling serenity for you to get a peaceful sleep.  

  1. Home office lighting 

Due to the pandemic, work from home and home-schooling has become the new normal. More thought is now given to how we light our home offices and work-spaces. There is an increasing rise in demand for traditional workmanship and styles. For example- if you are working from your living room, use different types of lamps to create the right environment. In the daytime, you can opt for LED task lighting which is bright and white. In the evening can go for shaded lamps or designs that have warm, frosted bulbs to create a diffused lighting look. 

Well, we wonder if you have heard about this or not, but antiviral LEDs are also in the making. The pandemic situation had forced people to dig deeper in terms of health issues. Very soon, you will see antiviral LEDs in the market that will not only illuminate your place but will also keep viruses and bacteria away! 

The lighting as a domain is extremely vast and you will find so many home décor lights online USA for dolling up your place with as many house light decorations as you want! Do check out the best lighting store online from the comfort of your home! 

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